A once in a 50-year opportunity awaits you!

Entrepreneurs. Executives. Educators. Entertainers. Everyone’s going to be there. The HPSR Golden Jubilee reunion is much more than a chance to party with your classmates and buddies. It’s a great time to renew your bonds with the vibrant global network of eagles. Over a delightful 3-day getaway in San Jose, USA, there’s a whole world to explore:

  • Interact with our highly accomplished alumni – from young turks to industry veterans
  • Find that special 1:1 moment with our old teachers to say “thank you”
  • Participate in a specially curated sports extravaganza
  • Connect with achievers in your own domain
  • Become a mentor to a recent HPSR graduate
  • Get a glimpse of what has changed, and what hasn’t, at school
  • Share your experience & perspectives in shaping the next 50 years of HPSR

Venue: Hayes Mansion @ San Jose, CA
Dates: 25th-28th August, 2022

Price: $950 – $1400 per person (Includes 3 nights of stay at 2 pax per room, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners with drinks and a venue for gathering for 3 nights).

499$ per person, Day Pass – 27th Aug, Saturday, 2 PM to 10 PM

No cancellations or changes after July 31st.

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