from $1500/m2

Construction of private houses

All types of work – from designing and laying the Foundation to finishing and commissioning. Tight deadlines, reasonable prices, free shipping.

Strong and leak-proof roof. $540 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
  • Kallam Satish Reddy

kallam Satish Reddy

Batch of 1982

An Indian business executive and current Chairman of Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories.

Reddy joined Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories in 1993 as Executive Director. 

Elevated to the role of Managing Director in 1997.

He led the company’s transition from a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients to one with a diverse product portfolio of finished dosage formulations.

Reddy was also responsible for establishing a strong footprint of Dr.Reddy’s finished dosage products in Russia, CIS countries and other emerging markets.

Kallam Satish Reddy

Our range of services is very large, and we are constantly expanding it.

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