from $1500/m2

Construction of private houses

All types of work – from designing and laying the Foundation to finishing and commissioning. Tight deadlines, reasonable prices, free shipping.

Strong and leak-proof roof. $540 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
High quality siding on the walls. $200 / m²
  • Space Share Program

Under an initiative called ‘SpaceShare’ by Satellize, 10 payloads will fly into space aboard ISRO’s next polar orbiting satellite. 10 projects were selected by Satellize from all over India based on their creativity and usefulness. The projects were to be made on a Printed Circuit Board of dimensions 16 cm x 10 cm.
We are proud to note that The Hyderabad Public School Ramanthapur was the only school  shortlisted among 10 other institutions like IIT Bombay, Vellore Institute of Technology, College of Engineering Trivandrum, Hindustan University Chennai, etc. The project is about studying the variation in earth’s magnetic field strength. The earth’s magnetic field strength varies from the equator to the poles. This project will help in studying these variations and deduce patterns in the variations. 

The materials used include a magnetometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and an arduino nano.  The payload is made  in such a manner, that it can withstand the temperature variations, pressure variations and vibrations in space.

The  SpaceShare Project has been submitted to Satellize, M/s Exseed Space Innovation Pvt. Ltd. which will be further  delivered to ISRO for integration into the PSLV satellite.

Space Share Program

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